What We Do


We are Architects and Interior Designers that specialize in designing HOUSES and APARTMENTS.

We will work with you on any step of the process to create the home of your dreams, from finding the right property to full architectural services to selecting furnishings and artwork.


Most architecture firms do an array of projects from commercial to retail and residential — we only do Residential. We have focused on houses and apartments for the last 14 years because that is what we love and that is what we are good at.

With both an Architectural and an Interior Design division, our studio provides a one-stop-shop for its clients – allowing for the seamless integration of your building, your interior and your furnishings. With many design firms you need to hire separate companies to get all these services which often results in incongruity and redundancy.


We are known for meticulous drawing sets and specifications which means that everything is known ahead of time. This translates into a project that runs on time and budget with few change orders. Not to mention one that meets a superior aesthetic standard.


Our small size means that the principal, Alex Scott Porter, is personally involved in all our projects. We will never farm your project to a junior staff member like many larger firms do.

Our designs are practical. Our egos do not get in the way of doing what is right for our clients. We believe that when design is approached correctly there is no conflict between a client’s goals and the integrity of an artistic vision. Though we have strong opinions on design, we would never push a client to adapt to our vision but instead always evolve our vision around the needs and desires of our clients.


are both raw and refined at once

feel luxurious while celebrating utility

allow for growth and change

and for a multiplicity of possibilities

foster togetherness  but allow room for solitude

envelop us on a cold day  and  cool us down in summer 

conserve our natural resources and respect  the earth

age with a graceful patina

support the complexity of our lives,  but simplify the clutter

help us stay organized in order to focus on the things that matter

connect us to the natural world but protect us from pollution

with restraint and dignity,