Maine Island House

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This is our prototype LIGHT HOUSE. Built in Maine as a 3-season retreat house, it is OFF-GRID  and designed to tread lightly on its site.

+ Solar energy – both passive and active (no electrical grid needed)

+ Rain-water harvesting (no well needed)

+ Composting toilet (no septic system needed)

+ Precisely designed, efficient interior (not much furniture needed)

+ Built on concrete piers (no big trucks and machinery needed)

+ Tight enclosure (only a wood stove needed)

+ Conventional building materials and methods (no unconventional contractors needed)

We studied Japanese and Scandinavian design, as well as the principals of German Passiv Haus to find the right combination of clean & minimal, warm & inviting, and precise & practical. Light House designs are neither high-end nor are they really DIY. They are a reasonably-priced solution that will require a skilled local builder. Remember that Light Houses work well On-Grid too!

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